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Blazing Wood Caliente Sauce
by Blazing Wood

Part Number SCS-1005-21
Blazing Wood Caliente Sauce
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If you are looking for something hotter than Gringo hot, and a lot of people are, we have Caliente (Hot).  It has four times the crushed red peppers than Gringo Hot plus we add Cayenne powder.

Folks that like hot just love this sauce.  The reaction is the same: first there is the sweet on the tongue, then there is hot on the back if the tongue, then there is the hot in the back of the throat.  You get the same progression with each bite.  And a great finish too.  Not hot for the sake of hot, but with real flavor.

And what do you put it on?  Food, of course.  Any food that you think can use a little kick.  21 oz.

Ingredients:  Red ripe tomatoes, brown sugar, rehydrated red pepper flakes, distilled vinegar, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, cayenne powder, natural hickory smoke flavor, salt, spice, onion power, garlic powder, natural flavorings
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