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Eat Healthy Co-op

It is important to teach our younger generations the benefits of eating healthy and staying active.  It is also a great advantage to our community to support your local farmers and businesses.  The entire staff at The Farm Bertuccio's would like to thank you for participating in our "Eat Healthy Co-op".

How Does It Work?
Simply complete the application, select the month you would like to receive your produce box, and mail or bring in your completed application and payment to The Farm Bertuccio's Market.

Then visit the school at appointed times to pick up your produce box,  If the school is on break or vacation, you can pick up your box at Bertuccio's Market.

What's Included?
Your weekly product co-op box includes:
    Contents list & recipe
    One dozen farm fresh eggs*
    Variety of dried fruits and nuts*
*Items are subject to change due to season, availability, weather conditions, and other variables that can affect agriculture.  Depending on availability, boxes may include "tropical" items that are fresh, but due to surrounding climates, not local.
Red Raspberry Preserves (NEW) Red Raspberry Preserves (NEW)
Guerra Groves - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1 gallon Guerra Groves - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1 gallon
Traina - Sun Dried Apricot BBQ Sauce (NEW) Traina - Sun Dried Apricot BBQ Sauce (NEW)


* required